Buying or refinancing a property can seem to be an enormous task, but the Law Office of Richard J. Fox PLLC works to make it more manageable. After reviewing the purchase and sale agreement, we work in concert with your other real estate professionals to complete the purchase of your property. From performing the title search, to communicating with your lender and reviewing the sale documents, we work in your best interest to help you make the best educated decisions.


The Law Office of Richard J. Fox PLLC works to provide its seller clients with a smooth closing process. In addition to reviewing the purchase and sale agreement and preparing legal documents, we work with all other parties to bring your transaction to the closing table in a timely fashion. For sellers unable to handle the details of the closing, we can act as your agent to execute all documents and receive funds on your behalf.


The Law Office of Richard J. Fox PLLC offers lenders title searches and closing services in every Vermont county. With efficient turnaround times for title searches and commitments, we provide lenders what they need for the underwriting process when they need it. By offering complete title insurance services, our office helps lenders provide their borrowers access to quality legal services while ensuring the lenders’ interests are protected.

We Help Make Dreams Happen.

The primary focus of the Law Office of Richard Fox PLLC is representing buyers/borrowers, sellers, and lenders in residential real estate transactions. To help make the title review and closing process more efficient and affordable for our clients, we invest in leading–edge technologies, real estate software, and network solutions. The Law Office of Richard J. Fox PLLC meets its clients’ needs while exceeding their expectations.